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Latest News

Wed, 6th June, 2013 M2 Scoop Evening PASIC Concert 2013.

M2 confirm that they will showcase their new commissions at the Thursday Evening PASIC Concert in November 2013.

Wed. 6th June, 2013 M2 head for Tenerife!

M2 travel to Tenerife for a Recital and Clinic at the El Auditorio de Tenerife - Festival de Musica Contemporanea de Tenerife. (June 18th - June 21st)

Wed, 6th June, 2013 Looking ahead..

M2 are featured artists at the Ivana Bilic Marimba Week in October 2013. They travel to Croatia for a week of Concerts and Masterclasses.

Wed, 6th June, 2013 M2 Travel to Mexico

M2 plan mini Mexico Tour through February 2014.

Sat, 18th August, 2012 M2 appear in MUSO Magazine

M2 are featured in the final edition of Rhinegold's MUSO Magazine.


Rhythm Magazine (December 2006)

“Maraca2 wow the audience at the first Birmingham Percussion Day………Highlights included performances from David Friedmann and Maraca2, two young talents from the Conservatoire, who were fantastically dynamic and fun to watch.”

David Friedman (International Jazz Marimba / Vibraphone Performer)

“Although the marimba and vibraphone have gained appreciably in popularity over the past 20 years, the number of truly talented and inspired players is, in my opinion, still relatively small. That’s why I was particularly excited to hear the percussion duo, “Maraca2″ while on a recent visit to Birmingham. Tim Palmer and Jason Huxtable knocked me out with their musicality, intensity and technique! They breath life into everything they play, accentuating the subtle nuances of each piece masterfully.”

Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic (International Performer)

“On February 8th 2006 I had the oportunity to work with Maraca2 on Jacob ter Veldhuis’ ‘Goldrush Concerto’. I was very impressed with their precisity, muscality and last but not least enthusiasm!” Nebojsa Zivkovic

Birmingham Post

Percussion duo Maraca2 (Jason Huxtable, Tim Palmer), were each in charge of a large, but reasonably compact selection of instruments – a perfect showcase for crucial spatial awareness. They accomplished a spectacular memory job, interacting precisely with each other and a splendid supportive orchestra. Conductor Lionel Friend created seamless sustained chords whilst catching repeated marimba burblings and eerie bowed vibraphone notes. Subsequent contrasting tricky Stravinsky-like attack chords and lengthy complex rhythms were treated with assurance by all. Our two talented heroes were slick and sensitive, engaging with listeners and orchestra, totally in command of an ever-changing aural kaleidoscope, but returning time and again to the bedrock of marimba and vibraphone patterns spiced with bright glockenspiel, cymbals, woodblocks and a multiplicity of drum textures.

Ste Whibley (UK Percussionist, Drummer and Composer)

“It’s a great pleasure to be writing for these two guys and also to be one of the first of undoubtedly many composers to be commissioned by them. Their style is accessible, it’s great for audiences, great for composers, great for new music, great for percussion and particularly percussion in the UK….so everyone’s happy!”

Jacob ter Veldhuis (International Composer)

The first English performance of my Goldrush Concerto by Maraca2 was one of the best ever, simply stunning! In Holland we would say: the roof came off! My music is very much about energy and ecstacy and search for bliss, and this was so well understood by Jason and Tim. Their musicality and virtuosity is world class,

Jim Casella (American Performer and Educator)

“Maraca2 has the goods. They’re so new, you probably havent heard of them yet, but you will! I have so much confidence in what these two talented percussionists can offer, I’m having a duet commissioned for them. Stay tuned for big things from Maraca2!”

Ney Rosauro (Brazilian Percussionist and Composer)

“Last January I had the pleasure of hearing the Maraca2 percussion duo from Birmingham. I was very excited by their energy and musicality when they perform. They are individually strong players and they have a great affinity as a duo. Great music, great vibration, and I can see a great future for these two talented young percussionists.”