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September 2017 Maraca2 become Classic FM Artists

Maraca2 are delighted to be listed as Classic FM artists - View ClassicFM artists here. Classic FM Artists

August 2017 Maraca2 reveal LA Philharmonic Concerto

PRESS RELEASE: Maraca2 can confirm their Concerto with the Los Angeles Philharmonic under the baton of Gustavo Dudamel. The Concerto written by Joe Pereira will receive it's Premiere on Thursday January 25th 2018 at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Buy your tickets here

July 2017 Maraca2's Huxtable becomes a Dad!

Congratulations to Jason and Laura Huxtable on the arrival of their newborn, Poppy Lucia Huxtable.

June 2017 Maraca2 return from WPG Tour

Maraca2 return from WPG 2017, visits to Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki, Tallinn, Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham. A tremendous honour to tour with some amazing musicians!

June 2017 Maraca2 return from Taiwan's TIPC

Maraca2 return from TIPC Taiwan - Thank you for all of our new photos Ju Percussion Group, it was a pleasure to play at your National Concert Hall.


Concerto for Maraca2 and Timpani –

Joseph Pereira (Premiered with Los Angeles Philharmonic and Gustavo Dudamel).

Zephyr –

Stephen Whibley


Geir Rafnsson Arr. Tim Palmer, M2.

Ameline –

Eric Sammut

Blue Motion –

Stephen Whibley

Espieitu Libre for Maraca2 and Percussion Ensemble –

Stephen Whibley

Avner Dorman –

Udacrep Akubrad

Andy Pape –

Cadance 42

Avner Hanani  –


Maurice Ravel – Arr. Safri Duo 

Alborada del Gracioso

Frederic Chopin  – Arr. Maraca2

Fantaisie Impromptu in C Sharp minor

Jacob ter Veldhuis –


Jacob ter Veldhuis –

Goldrush Concerto – Concerto for Orchestra and Percussion Duo.

Wayne Siegel –

42nd Street Rondo

Nigel Westlake –

Omphalo Centric Lecture

Roland Stolk –

Light as a Feather